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We at Took-A-Look Mountainview Home Inspections does non-invasive home inspections with the latest technology. Our knowledge and integrity will enable us to be thorough, impartial and realistic to generate an un-bias report that will give the client critical information needed to make a well informed decision.

Our goal is to be courteous, committed and professional in all our reporting to obtain optimum customer satisfaction for maximum customer retention.



The Ten Top Home Inspection Problems are Revealed
When buying a home, a professional home inspection will reveal a lot about your future dream house. Besides learning about all the mechanical operation of your home the inspection will reveal any obvious defects.

1-Improper surface grading and drainage.
2- Improper and undersized electrical wiring.
3- Older and damaged roofs.
4- Deficient and older heating systems.
5- Poor Overall Maintenance.
6- Structural Problems.
7- Plumbing problems.
8- Exteriors items.
9- Poor Ventilation.
10- Miscellaneous items.